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Childcare Tax Break Breakdown

Greg Crisci & Doug Devereaux

Welcome to 'Childcare Tax Break Breakdown,' the essential podcast for HR and operation leaders in large enterprise organizations across the United States. Hosted by Greg and Doug, two experts with a shared passion for savvy financial solutions and a unique personal bond - both are proud dads, former single fathers, born on the same day, and enthusiasts in finding financial loopholes. Every episode guides you through the latest childcare legislation and financial grants, offering insights into application processes, usage, and their critical importance to your organization. Beyond the technicalities, they bring a personal touch with stories from their parenting experiences, adding warmth and relatability. Stay informed and ahead of the curve by subscribing to 'Childcare Tax Break Breakdown' and join Greg and Doug on a journey through the financial landscape that shapes the future of childcare and organizational growth.

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